quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012


My passion for travelling still goes on...
In June it was ROMANIA - the chosen country!

                                                         ORTODOX CATHEDRAL

I spent six days in TIMISOARA, a beautiful town near the Serbian border.
This is the Ortodox Cathedral in Victory Square. Beautiful! The towers have a Moldavian design which is gorgeous! the colours green, red and yellow make this monument the ex-libris in town!
Let's go inside....

Isn't that beautiful?....
I also enjoyed to be present during an Ortodox mass on Sunday, very different from the catholic one!

The impression I bring from TIMISOARA in ROMANIA is that it is a perfumed city with its colourful parks full of flowers, and the streets full of  green trees and bushes everywhere!!! Never seen so much green around the houses! I think this is a legacy from when they were a communist country....

                                                               PARK OF ROSES

                                                           VICTORY SQUARE

This is the main spot in the city. The people of TIMISOARA were the first to celebrate the fall of communism in Romania and here, in this square, they showed their feeling of Freedom for the first time in December 1989!! This is the reason I also saw so many streets named after this important date for them!

  The temperatures were always vey high!!! Caught 33º/34º degrees the whole time I was there and I and my friend felt like drinking a cold glass of beer every minute! TIMISOARA has a wonderful beer and has even got its own factory. Look at that!...

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